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Description type:Culture description 
Description:Ceratosphaeria lampadophora (Berk. & Broome) Niessl, Verh. Naturf. Vereins Brünn 14:203. 1876. Fig. 24
Anamorph. - Harpophora-like.
For synonymy, detailed description and illustration refer to Hyde et al (1997).
Characteristics in culture. Colonies reaching 9-11 mm diam on PCA, yellowish, whitish in the center. Aerial mycelium scarcely developed in the center of the colony and on the inoculating block; hyphae subhyaline to hyaline 2-3 µm wide, septate, smooth. Sporulation copious, widespread throughout the colony in 1 mo. Phialides or short conidiophores arising on aerial hyphae, conidial heads slimy, inconspicuous, and transparent. Reverse dark yellow. Conidiogenous cells phialidic, terminal or intercalary, hyaline to subhyaline, cylindrical, 14-18 x 2-2.5 µm, tapering below the collarette to 1.5 µm. Conidia cylindrical with curvature, hyaline, narrowly rounded at both ends, 9-11(12) x 1-1.5 µm, aseptate, smooth.
Culture. - CBS 117555 ex J.F. 01065.
Holotype. - United Kingdom. England: Bath, Combe Hay, decayed wood, Apr 1855, C.E. Broome (holotype of Sphaeria lampadophora, K).
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