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 Add this item to the list   T. nigrescens var. luzonensis (Bres.) Corner
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Description:T. nigrescens var. luzonensis (Bres.) Corner
Apparently unipileate, -4.5 cm. high, becoming spuriously mesopodal, appressedly floccoso-fibrillose with zones of appressed fasciculate fibrils; stem 2-3 cm. x 4-5 mm., subtomentose. Hymenium smooth. Spores 5-6.5 x 4.7-5.7 µm.
Collections: - Philippines, Bur Sci. 9497, Similoan Trail, Luzon (type); Hainan, S. Q. Deng 3090, Yen-hsien (BPI n. 2008, det. T. vialis).
This can grow into one of the largest species of Thelephora. It is very variable and the smallest solitary pilei seem at first hardly conspecific. The distibution in the tropical and subtropical parts of eastern Asia is characteristic but the species seems nowhere common. T. vialis is certainly close but it is less fuliginous, more distinctly vinous on the pileus, usually with papillose hymenium; its spores, too, are smaller, though this may be a matter of spore-number. Thus, the North Bornean collections had spores 6-8 x 5-6.5 µm and their basiida were frequently 2-3-spored; the spores of v. luzonensis agree with those of T. vialis.
In the North Bornean RSNB 5655 A the oldest parts of the hymenium became minutely papillose.
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