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Remarks (internal):The tendency for the spines of the spores to slough off in revived material is rather striking. The species is distinguished by the evenly amyloid elements of the spore ornamentation, the fact that the elements are not fused at their bases, and the vesiculose cells of the epicutis.
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Description:Martellia vesiculosa Singer & Smith sp. nov.
Carpophoris 1-2 cm latis, globosis, candidis ; gleba pallida, loculata ; columella nulla ; sporis 10-14 x 8-11 µm, echinatis, aculeis integris amyloideis; cystidiis nullis. Specimen typicum legit prope Comstock, Ore. U.S.A. Oct. 20, 1937. S. M. Zeller 8323, (NY).
Gastrocarp 10-20 mm thick, globose, pure white, gray as preserved in fluid; gleba creamy and unchanging (gray as preserved in fluid) chambers small and irregular; columella and sterile base none evident.
Spores ellipsoid to subglobose 10-14 x 8-11 µm, wall pale yellow in Melzer's and about 1 µm thick; sterigmal appendage short and inconspicuous; plage area not distinctive except for slightly more irregular ornamentation; ornamentation amyloid, of separate rods and warts up to 1.3 µm high, these closely grouped in some areas but not fused, very easily deciduous hence many "glabrous" spores in most mounts.
Hymenium. Basidia short-clavate, 23-28 9-12 µm mostly 2-spored, hyaline, thin-walled, readily collapsing. Basidioles numerous. Cystidia, none present.
Hyphal layers. Subhymenium "cellular" in structure, the cells enlarging to ± 15 µm diam. (sphaerocyst-like) ; medio-stratum of interwoven hyaline subgelatinous filaments 3-7 µm diam., no sphaerocysts present. Oleiferous hyphae absent. Epicutis of peridium an epithelium of large inflated cells (18-52 µm diam.) with yellowish non-gelatinous smooth walls. Context of narrow (3-5 µm) uninflated non-gelatinous hyphae intricately interwoven and hyphal cells unenlarged; no sphaerocysts present except in subhymenium. Oleiferous hyphae none. Clamp connections none.
In the Zeller collections (NY) under Hydnangium monticola, Zeller 8323. Found under incense Cedar, Comstock, Oregon, Oct. 20, 1937. S. M. Zeller.
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