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Description:Zeller, in his comments on C. brunnea, compared it with Clavaria grandis Pk., which has much the same coloration, but differs in stature, branch tip color and most importantly, spore characters, which dictate that it is a member of the echinosporous group of Ramaria. Marr & Stuntz (1973:122) treated R. brunnea as a variety of R. testaceoflava, much more similar to my conclusions than previous authors. When compared with Scandinavian material under the name R. spinulosa, however, the luxuriant growth form of R. brunnea and similar individuals of "R. spinulosa" are indistinguishable. Conversely, smaller, less luxuriant fruit bodies of R. brunnea, especially with gnarled or stunted branches, are identical to the illustrations by Nilsson & Persson, and indistinguishable from typical individuals of R. testaceoflava. I conclude, therefore, that typical R. testaceoflava represent a smaller, more compact growth form, perhaps influenced by warm climate and/or soil type differences.
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