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Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Eichleriella Bresadola, Ann. Mycol. 1:115. 1903.
Type species: Eichleriella incarnata Bresadola (= E. alliciens (Berkeley & Curtis) Burt)
Basidiomata annual; resupinate at first, margins often becoming detached; confluent; soft-coriaceous. Hymenial surface even to spinulose; finely pruinose. Hyphal system monomitic. Hyphae with or without clamps; with thickened brown walls in the basal layer. Dendrohyphidia (often called dikaryophyses) present, usually at least sparsely branched. Probasidia subglobose to subclavate. Metabasidia becoming longitudinally septate; 4 epibasidia and sterigmata; basal clamp present or absent. Basidiospores curved-cylindrical to allantoid; hyaline; smooth; thin-walled; negative in Melzer's.
Discussion: Two Northeastern species are accepted here: E. deglubens and E. macrospora. Burt (1915) cited a single specimen of E. leveilliana (Berkeley & Curtis) Burt from New York, extending its otherwise southern and tropical distribution. The specimen (in BPI) is actually Corticium roseum Pers. : Fr.
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