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Remarks (internal):Entoloma vinaceum is distinguished by its relatively small stature and collybioid habit. The typical variety has a yellow stipe. Two other varieties have been distinguished, based upon the colour of the stipe, viz. var. fumosipes Arnolds & Noordel. with a grey stipe, and var. violeipes Arnolds & Noordel. with a violaceous stipe. Both varieties have more or less the same habitat and distribution as the typical variety. Entoloma vinaceum is frequently collected fairly late in the season until early winter.
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Description:Entoloma vinaceum (Scop.) Arnolds & Noordel. (tav. 23, 88e, fig. 93)
Agaricus vinaceus Scop., Fl. carn. I: 444. 1772; Nolanea vinacea (Scop.) Kumm., Führ. Pilzk.: 95. 1871; Rhodophyllus vinaceus (Scop.) Quél., Enchir.: 64. 1886; Entoloma vinaceum (Scop.) Arnolds & Noordel., Persoonia 10: 298. 1979.
Interpr. err.: Rhodophyllus batschianus sensu J. Lange, FL.agar. dan. 2, pl. 76E. 1936.
Icon.: Arnolds & Noordeloos in Fung. rar. Ic. col. 12, pl. 94a. 1981; Lange, J. in Fl. agar. dan. 2, pl. 76E. 1937 (come R. batschianus).
Bib.: Favre in Bull. trimest. Soc. mycol. Fr. 53: 277-279, fig. 3. 1937; Noordeloos in Persoonia 11: 223-225, fig. 30. 1981; Noordeloos in Bas & al, Fl. agar. neerl., vol. 1: 110­111, fig. 79. 1987.
Piteus 20-40 mm. broad, convex with slightly depressed centre, with margin involute to deflexed at first, becoming straight or even sometimes reflexed with age, hygrophanous, when moist translucently striate up to two-thrids of radius, horn-brown with darker brown centre, grey-brown or reddish brown, paler towards margin, pallescent on drying, smooth, glabrous or subtomentose at centre when dry. Lamellae, L = 20-25, l = 3-7, moderately distant, adnate or emarginate, segmentiform to ventricose, grey then grey-pink with concolorous, entire or eroded edge. Stipe 25-60 x 1-3 mm, cylindrical, often flexuose and distinctly tapering towards base, sometimes almost rooting, greyish at apex, downwards yellow (entirely smoke-grey in var. fumosipes; violaceous-blue in var. violeipes), smooth, polished or very finely silvery striate lenghtwise. Context thin, concolorous with pileus. Smell none. Taste mild.
Spores 6.5-8.0(-9.0) x 5.5-7.0(-7.5) µm, Q= 1.1-1.3, very thin-walled and many-anlged with weak angles, appearing almost nodulose, cyanophilous. Basidia 4-spored, clamped. Lamella edge fertile. Cystidia absent. Pileipellis an ixocutis of 2.5-7 µm wide, cylindrical hyphae. Pigment brown, intracellular in pileipellis. Clamps present in all tissues.
Habitat: in grassland and heaths, on acidulous, sandy or peaty soil; Aug.-Dec.
Distribution: Wide-spread in northwestern Europe; rare.

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