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 Add this item to the list  Entoloma infula (Fr.: Fr.) Noordel.
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Description:Entoloma infula (Fr.: Fr.) Noordel.
var. infula (tav. 36a, fig. 131)
Agaricus infula Fr., Spicilegium: 8. 1836; Nolanea infula (Fr.) Gillet, Hymenom. Fr.: 421. 1876; Rhodophyllus infulus (Fr.) Quél., Enchir.: 64. 1886; Entoloma infula (Fr.) Noordel. in Persoonia 10: 503.1980.
Icon.: Arnolds & Noordeloos in Fung. rar. Ic. col. 12, pl. 90a, d. 1981; Cetto, Funghi Vero 6, pl. 2328; Ricken, BHitterpilze, pl. 74, fig. 9. 1913.
Bibl.: Noordeloos in Persoonia 10: 503-505, fig. 37. 1980; Noordeloos in Bas & al., Fl. agar. neerl.,Vol. 1: 137, fig. 127. 1987.
Neotypus: (Noordeloos 1980): S. Lundell & J. Stordal, 22 Sett. 1949, Källebo, Femsjö, SmÀ¥land, Svezia (Fungi Exsiccati Suecici 2013, PC).
Pileus 10-50 mm broad, conical, campanulate to convex, usually with distinct papilla, with deflexed then straight margin, hygrophanous, when moist translucently striate up to half the radius or more, moderately dark yellow-brown to greyish brown, pallescent on drying to ochraceous-grey, glabrous, smooth, but often with concentric ridges, shining. Lamellae, L = 15-30, l = 1-5, moderately distant, free or narrowly adnate, ventricose, white then purely pink with concolorous, entire edge. Stipe 15-90 x 1-3 mm, cylindrical, stiff, sometimes slightly broadened at base, fistulose, yellow-brown to grey-brown, usually more or less concolorous with pileus, smooth, glabrous, polished. Context thin, concolorous with surface, tough­cartilagineous, in stipe easyly snapping accross, not fibrous. Smell none. Taste mild.
Spores 7.0-9.5(-10.0) x 5.5-7.0 µm, heterodiametrical, rather regularly 5-7-angled in side­view. Basidia 4-spored, clamped. Lamella edge fertile. Cystidia absent. Pileipellis a thin cutis of narrow, cylindrical, 2-9 µm wide hyphae. Pigment finely encrusting in pileipellis and in addition sometimes very pale, intracellular. Clamps present.
Habitat: in non manured, semi-natural grassland, meadow, pastures, in subalpine meadows, in roadsides in forests etc., often on base-rich soils; summer-autumn.
Distribution: wide-spread and locally common in suitable habitats. Europe.
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