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Description:Entoloma ambrosium (Quél.) Noordel. (fig. 144)
Rhodophyllus ambrosius Quél. in C. r. Ass. franc. Av. Sci. 24(2): 618. 1896; Pouzarella ambrosia (Quél.) Mazzer in Bibltca mycol. 46: 83. 1976; Entoloma ambrosium (Quél.) Noordel. in Persoonia 10: 520. 1980.
Bibl.: Noordeloos in Persoonia 10: 520. 1980; Romagn. in Bull. mens. Soc. linn. Lyon. 43 (No. spéc. déd. R. Kühner): 365-368.1974.
Tipizzazione - Holotypus: non esiste; località di raccolta del tipo: Bourbonnais, Francia.
Pileus about 15 mm broad, campanulate-convex without papilla, with involute, slightly undulating margin, hygrophanous, when moist dark olivaceous brown, translucently striate, strongly pallescent on drying, smooth becoming strongly lustrous on drying. Lamella distant, thickish, free, slightly ventricose, pale grey-brown then pink with entire or slightly irregular edge. Stipe 60 x 3 mm, cylindrical, somewhat flexuous, distinctly broadened towards base, narrowly fistulose, brown, slightly paler than pileus and more reddish, not striate but with scattered minutely silvery fibrils under lens, in some places nearly pruinose. Context thickish in pileus, concolorous with surface, paler in stipe, whitish. Smell strong, similar to that of Entoloma pleopodium (orange-blossom).
Spores 7.5-10(-11.5) x 6-8 µm , 5-7-angled in side-view, Basidia 4-spored, clamped. Lamella edge fertile. Cystidia absent. Pileipellis a cutis of narrow, cylindrical, 2-12 µm wide hyphae. Pigment uniformely parietal, not encrusting. Clamps present, especially in hymenium.
Habitat: Among mosses, near Pinus sylvestris.
Distribution: France, very rare. Nov.

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