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Remarks (internal):Entoloma prunicolor is a remarkable species with its bicoloured pileus with violaceous-grey margin and carmine-red centre, combined with a rather pale brown, polished stipe. It does not fit any of the known Leptonia species in Europe. Old specimens, which have lost the distinctive colour of the pileus, may well be misidentified as Entoloma turci. 
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Description:Entoloma prunicolor À–rstadius & A. Rydberg, sp. nov. (fig. 358)
Pileus 15-38 mm, convex expanding with age to plano-convex, initially weakly, then distinctly umbilicate, with deflexed then straight, finally fissurate margin, not hygrophanous, not translucently striate, very variable in colour during the development, initially dark grey-violaceous with carmine-red centre, gradually becoming moderately dark brown, centre retaining its carmine colour a long time, but finally dark brown, initially more or less glabrous, but soon adpressedly squamulose at centre and fairly coarsely radially fibrillose towards margin. Lamellae rounded-adnate, ventricose, sordid creamy-white then pink with entire, concolourous edge. Stipe 45-65 x 2.5-4 mm, gradually broadened towards base, greyish at first, soon cream-ochre, minutely pruinose at apex, glabrescent, downwards polished. Context white. Smell and taste indistinct.
Spores (8-) 8.5-11.5 (-12) x (6-) 6.5-8.5 (-9.5) µm, heterodiametrical, Q = 1.2-1.6, Qav = 1.35, 5-7-angled in side-view. Basidia 4-spored, clampless. Lamella edge sterile or heterogeneous with only few basidia scattered among cystidia. Cheilocystidia 40-65 x 10-16 µm, fusiform with blunt apex, thin-walled, hyaline. Hymenophoral trama regular, made up of cylindrical, 3.5-18 µm wide hyphae. Pileipellis a cutis at margin, more like a trichoderm at centre, made up of inflated terminal elements, 20-70 x 8-20 µm. Pigment intracellular. Clamp-connections absent.
Habitat and distribution: in meadow on calcareous soil. So far only known from the type-locality in Sweden.
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