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Remarks (internal):Presence of sterile cells between the spores escaped the observation of earlier mycologists.  
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Description:Tilletia sphaerocarpa (Syd. & P. Syd.) Vánky, comb. nov.
Basionym: Ustilago sphaerocarpa Syd. & P. Syd., Ann. Mycol. 15:145, 1917. - Type on Festuca amplissima, Mexico, Popocatepetl, 8.IX.1908, H. Schenk 371; isotypes BPI 166643!, WSP 34977.
Sori in some ovaries of an inflorescence, oblong, broadly fusiform, c. 1 x 3-5 mm, showing between the spreading floral envelopes, first covered by the pericarp which ruptures disclosing the black, powdery mass of spores intermixed with few sterile cells. Spores globose, subglobose, rarely broadly ellipsoidal, 14.5-18.5 x 15-20 µm, dark yellowish-brown to chocolate-brown; wall even, 2-3 µm thick, densely verrucose, spore profile wavy to finely serrulate, warts 0.5-1 µm high, in LM with rounded or flattened tip. Sterile cells subglobose, ovoid or slightly irregular, 20-35 µm long, subhyaline, usually collapsed; wall 1.5-2.5 µm thick,
smooth or finely punctate.
On Poaceae: Festuca amplissima Rupr.; N. America (Mexico). Known only from the type locality.

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