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Description:Entoloma prismatospermum (Romagn.) Horak. (fig. 172)
Rhodophyllus prismatospermus Romagn. in (Trav. mycol. déd. R. Kühner) Bull. Soc. linn. Lyon 43 (No. spéc.):386. 1974; Entoloma prismatospermum (Romagn.) Horak in Sydowia 28: 216 "1975/1976".1976.
Bibl.: Horak in Sydowia 28: 216 "1975/1976". 1976; Noordeloos in Persoonia 10: 523-524. 1980; Romagnesi in (Trav. mycol. déd. R. Kühner) Bull. Soc. linn. Lyon 43 (No. spéc.): 369-372.1974.
Pileus 5-10 mm broad, conical then expanding to convex with or without papilla, with involute then straight margin, hygrophanous, not distinctly translucently striate when moist, pale grey-brown with darker papilla and paler margin, pallescent on drying, glabrous, satiny­lustrous on drying. Lamellae fairly distant, thickish, with 1-3 lamellulae between each pair, slightly ascending, broadly adnate to uncinate, narrow, up to 1,5 mm broad, greyish to grey­brown without any pink tinge, with whitish edge. Stipe (10-)20-30 x 1-2mm, cylindrical, thickened to subbulbous at base, fairly pale grey-brown to pearl grey, becoming browner with age, paler towards base or with white mycelium, minutely flocculose at apex, more sparsely so towards base. Context thin, grey-brown in pileus, pale in stipe. Smell and taste farinaceous-rancid.
Spores 7.5-9 x (6-)7-8.5 µm , 3-4-angled, cuboid. Basidia 4-spored, clamped. Lamella edge sterile. Cheilocystidia 60-75 x 9-12 µm, lusiform to lageniform. Pileipellis a cutis of cylindrical hyphae, 3,5-7 µm wide. Pigment hardly visible, probably intracellular. Clamps present in hymenium.
Habitat: in damp places in deciduous forest. Distribution: Only known from the type-locality in France.
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