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Description:Entoloma atromarginatum (Romagn. & Favre) Zschieschang (tav. 69b, fig. 261)
Rhodophyllus atromarginatus Romagn. & Favre in Rev. Mycol. 3: 77. 1938; Leptonia atromarginata (Romagn. & Favre) Konr. & M., Agarica1es 1: 203. 1948; Entoloma atromarginatum (Romagn.& Favre) Zschieschang in Hirsch in Wiss. Z. F. Schiller Univ., lena, Naturwiss. R. 33: 814. 1984.
Icon.: Romagnesi & Favre in Rev. Mycol. 3: 77-78, fig. 5, pl. l, fig. 2. 1938. Bibl.: Noordeloos in Beih. Nova Hedwigia 92: 325-326, fig. 117. 1987.
Pileus 10-30 mm, conico-convex to convex with involute then deflexed or straight margin, with slightly depressed to distinctly umbilicate centre, not hygrophanous, translucently striate up to half the radius, dark brown, densely minutely squamulose all over, slightly pallescent on drying. Lamellae, L = 20-45, l = 1-9, fairly crowded, adnate with small decurrent tooth or emarginate, segmentiform to ventricose, yellow-brown then with pink tinge, with strongly contrasting, dark brown, fimbriate edge. Stipe 20-60 x 1-3 mm, cylindrical, yellow-brown to grey-brown, smooth, polished or substriate, white tomentose at base. Context thin, brown in cortex, pallid to almost white in inner parts. Smell none or faintly aromatical. Taste indistinct.
Spores 9.0-12.5(-13.5) 6.0-9.0 µm, Q = 1.1-1.7, average Q = 1.3-1.5, regularly 5-7-angled in side-view. Basidia 4-spored, clampless. Lamella edge sterile of the serrulatum-type. Cheilocystidia 20-80 x 5-20 µm, cylindrical to clavate with brown, intracellular pigment. Pileipellis a transition between a cutis and a trichoderm, made up of inflated terminal elements, 25-90 x 10-25 µm. Pigment brown, intracellular. Clamps absent.
Habitat: Among Sphagnum in peat-bogs, moist grassy vegetation with dwarf-Salix etc. often in acid conditions, from lowlands up into the subalpine or boreo-subarctic zone. Summer-­Autumn.
Distribution: Wide-spread, Europe, rare.
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