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Description:Entoloma scabropellis Noordeloos (fig. 266)
Entoloma scabropellis Noordel. in Persoonia 12: 218. 1984 (come E. scabropelle).
Icon.: Vesterholt in Svampe 21: pl. 27. 1990.
Bibl.: Noordeloos in Persoonia 12: 218-220, fig. 13. 1984; Noordeloos in Beih. Nova Hedwigia 91: 332-334, fig. 120. 1987; Vesterholtin Svampe 21: 31.1990.
Pileus 13-40 mm broad, conico-campanulate broadly umbonate with enrolled margin then expanding with weak umbo or with slightly depressed centre, with involute then deflexed margin, not hygrophanous, not translucently striate, densely medium to dark brown, fibril­lose-squamulose to squarrose on pale brown background, shining with an almost micaceous sheen. Lamellae, L = 20-30, l = 3-5-9, moderately crowded, deeply emarginate, ventricose, sometimes anastomosing, white then pale pink with concolorous, entire edge, sometimes staining brown when bruised. Stipe 20-45 x 3-7mm, cylindrical or compressed with longitu­dinal groove, base sometimes broadened, pale grey-brown, paler at apex, scurfy-flocculose at apex, downwards covered with white, arachnoid, aeriferous fibrils. Flesh sub­cartilagineous, easily splitting lengthwise in stipe, firm in pileus, white. Smell and taste none.
Spores (8.0-)9.0-11.5 x 6.5-8.0(-8.5) µm, 5-7-angled in side-view. Basidia 2- and 4-spored, clampless. Lamella edge fertile. Pileipellis a cutis with transitions to a trichoderm at margin, a true trichoderm at centre, made up of inflated terminal elements, 50-110 x 8-22 µm. Pigment brown, intracellular. Clamps absent.
Habitat: In poorly manured, semi-natural grassland; summer-autumn.
Distribution: Rare, so far known from a few localities in Scandinavia and Finland.
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