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Remarks (internal):Entoloma pseudoparasiticum differs from E. parasiticum in color of the basidiocarp, pigmentation, and size and shape of the spores.
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Description:Entoloma pseudoparasiticum Noordeloos spec. nov. (fig. 277)
Entoloma pseudoparasiticum Noordeloos in Beih. Nova Hedwigia 91: 98-99. 1987 (come "nom. prov.")
Pileus 2-10 mm broad, convex, with enrolled margin, pale brown, subtomentose. Lamellae distant, adnate, narrowly ventricose, pale then pink with concolorous, entire edge. Stipe eccentric or lateral, up to 4 x 1 mm, cylindrical, pallid, finely tomentose. Smell and taste not known.
Spores 7.5-10.0(-10.5) x 6.0-7.5 µm, 5-6 angled in side view probably with dihedral base. Basidia 4-spored, clamped. Lamella edge fertile. Cystidia absent. Pileipellis a cutis of cylindrical hyphae 2-7 µm wide. Pigment minutely encrusting in pileipellis. Brilliant granules absent. Clamp-connections present.
Habitat: On basidiocarps of Cantharellus cibarius and Craterellus lutescens.
Distribution: Rare, so far only known from a few localities.

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