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 Add this item to the list   Auriscalpium vulgare S. F. Gray
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Description:Auriscalpium vulgare S. F. Gray
Key code: (1). 3. 15. 32. 36. 38. 45. (48). 51. 56.
Colony white to pale cream color, covering agar surface in 6 weeks, repent, not visibly forming aerial hyphae, usually with two indistinct zones at approximately 6 mm and 15 mm from inoculum block, each zone 3-4 mm wide, appearing somewhat lighter in color due to more closely packed hyphae and crystalline deposits in medium; gum guaiac test for extracellular oxidases very weak and slow or negative.
Hyphae of advancing edge: submerged hyphae 0.8-1.5 µm diam, thin-walled, hyaline, clamped, long-celled, branched at nearly 900; surface hyphae 1.8-3.0 µm diam, straight to occasionally subhelicoid, thin-walled, invariably and conspicuously clamped, branched acutely, usually with a clamp at the branch base; dead, "empty" hyphae common, short-celled (? with cloisons de retret?), occasionally clamped Gloeocystidia rare, as below.
Hyphae of mature colony: vegetative hyphae 1.5-3.2 µm diam, thin-walled, densely packed, short-celled, clamped, often gnarled or subhelicoid, frequently branched at about 45°, with clamp at branch base; contents subgranular to packed with amorphous refringent (under phase contrast) granules; walls often locally encrusted with tiny granules. Gloeocystidia common, 50-85 x 6.5-8.5 µm, clavate to elongate-clavate, often once or twice lobed, with rounded apices, thin-walled, yellow-refringent under phase contrast, arising from a clamp connection, erect at first but soon falling under its own weight and then lying on agar surface; contents foamy, coscinoidal, pale yellow. Crystalline deposits abundant in medium, as small plate-like or astral crystals randomly scattered.
Culture examined: Auriscalpium vulgare. New Minas, Nova Scotia, Canada, 10.1 x .73, on cones of Pinus banksiana, on golf course, coll. RHP, Det. RHP and K. A. Harrison, TENN no. 38206.

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