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Description type:General description 
Description:Mycelium consisting of branched, septate, smooth, hyaline to pale olivaceous, 1-4 µm wide hyphae, sometimes constricted at somewhat darker septa. Conidiophores solitary, erect, arising from superficial mycelium, micronematous, i.e., reduced to conidiogenous cells, or macronematous, subcylindrical, straight to slightly curved, subcylindrical throughout or often somewhat attenuated towards the apex, 12-80 — (2-)2.5-4 µm, 0-6-septate, medium brown, smooth, wall ? 0.75 µm, penicillate apex formed by a terminal conidiogenous cell giving rise to a single set of ramoconidia. Conidiogenous cells terminal, integrated, subcylindrical, straight, 8-12 — 1.5-2(-2.5) µm, pale brown, thin-walled, smooth, apex obtusely rounded to somewhat clavate; loci terminal, occasionally subterminal or lateral, unthickened or almost so to slightly thickened and darkened, not refractive, 1-1.5 µm wide. Conidia in branched chains; ramoconidia subcylindrical, with 1-3 terminal loci, olivaceous-brown, smooth; secondary conidia ellipsoidal, with one side frequently straight and the other convex, straight to slightly curved, (8-)10-12(-20) — 2(-3) µm, subhyaline to olivaceous-brown, smooth, thin-walled; hila unthickened or almost so to somewhat thickened and darkened, not refractive, 1 µm wide. 
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