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 Add this item to the list   Clavicorona Doty, gen. nov.
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Description:Clavicorona Doty, gen. nov.
Erect coralloid homobasidiomycetous fungi whose fructifications may be simple, narrowly obconic clubs with truncate or concave and expanded sterile apices, bearing a number of marginal denticulae; or, the fructifications branched once to several (6-8) times, the branches being of the same slender obconic nature with the same sort of apices and arising from the margins of the parent branch apices; bases of the fructifications tomentose as a rule; flesh more or less waxy-toughish to toughish-cartilagenous in consistency and as a rule peppery to the taste, composed of thin-walled hyphae (1.5-2 µm in diameter) with homogeneous contents and usually bearing clamps at the cross walls, and large hyphae (4-6 or rarely 10 µm in diameter) that are usually thick-walled unless very large, often with granular contents, parallel; and infrequently septate; hymenium composed of inflated, clavate, cylindrical, or lanceolate gloeocystidia, associated with the larger hyphae (lactiferes or ducts?) of the trama, and four-sterigmate basidia; spores hyaline under the microscope, white on prints, smooth pustulate or minutely warty, obovate to elliptical and then usually under 6 µm long and 3 µm broad; occurring usually on coniferous or Salicaceous wood with an evident mycelium radiating into the substratum from the base, which is usually tomentose in protected situations. None of the herbarium specimens tested gave any reaction to KOH, NH40H, FeS04, HCHO, phenol, HCI, H2SO4, or HNO3.

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