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Description:Nigrospora sphaerica (Sacc.) Mason, 1927, Trans. Br. mycol. Soc., 12: 158. / in Matsushima (1975), p. 101.
Syn Trichosporium sphaericum Sacc., 1882, Michelisa, 2: 579. Epicoccum levisporum Pat. in Pat. et Lagerh., 1893, Bull. Soc. mycol. Fr., 9: 164.
Hab Solo sylvae; Kaimon-dake; Kagoshima Pref., Japonia; iv. 1971; MFC-2392.
Descr In CMA: Conidia depresse sphaerica, 14-21.5 µm in diam., 12-16.5 µm crassa, brunneo-atra.
Mem In cultures it is difficult to distinguish N. sphaerica from N. oryzae.
Ref Mason, E. W., 1927, Trans. Br. mycol. Soc., 12: 158. ** Mason, E. W., 1933, Mycol. Pap., 3: 60. ** Standen, J. H., 1943, Iowa St. Coll. J. Sci., 17: 263-275. ** Sprague, R., 1950. => Nigrospora sphaerica: Conidiophores short, grouped, arising from a small stroma. Conidia flattened globose,16-18 µm (extreme 20 µm) in diam. ** Padwick, G. W., 1950, Manual of Rice Diseases, p. 180. ** Saccas, A., 1954. => Nigrospora sphaerica: Conidiophores are usually unbranched, short and squat, 3-5-septate, 5-7 x 25-40 µm, straight or slightly curved, sometimes grouped around a central cell, dark brown with a vesicular, globose-ovoid apical cell which is at first hyaline and later clear brown. Conidia mostly spherical and 16-21 µm (av.18.9 µm) in diam. or 14-19 x 16-21 µm when elliptical. On sorghum in French Equatorial Africa. / Mason (1927) separated N. oryzae and N. sphaerica largely on size of conidia but some other investigators (e. g. Simmonds, 1933; Standen, 1943) doubt whether this is justified, in which case the proper binomial is N. oryzae. ** Prasad, N., et al., 1960, Curr. Sci., 29: 352-353. => Nigrospora sphaerica: Conidia perfectly globose, 16.0 x 18.0 µm. ** Dennis, R. W G, 1970, Fungus Flora of Venezuela and Ajdacent Countries, Her Majesty's Stationary Office, London. p. 393.=> Nigrospora sphaerica: Conidia 14-20 µm, average 16 µm in diam., on Coix and Fagopyrum in Trinidad and in soil, Panama. ** Kafi, A., & K. Rizvi, 1971, Mycopath. Mycol. appl., 45: 323. ** Ellis, M. B., 1971, Dematiaceous Hyphomycetes, C.M.I., Kew, p. 320. ** Subramanian, C. V., 1971, Hyphomycetes, I.C.A.R., New Delhi, p. 279.
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