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Description:Pileus 120-160 mm diam., convex, felty and shiny at center, velvety to margin, slightly viscid when wet; Mars Brown (7F8), Verona Brown (6E7) and Sayal Brown (6D5) from center to margin, not bruising; reddish brown in KOH, negative in NH4OH; worm hole color pale yellow or pale red; margin decurved. Context pale yellow with some red areas, bruising blue then becoming gray; pale yellow in KOH, negative in NH4OH; 20-26 mm thick at center, 7-15 mm at margin. Odor of bread yeast. Taste sweet. Tubes adnexed, with long decurrent tooth, shallowly depressed near stipe, 10 mm long, yellow, bruising blue; reddish brown in KOH, negative in NH4OH; pores angular, 2/mm, brown or reddish brown, bruising Indigo Blue (19F7). Stipe 65-72 mm long, 17-32 mm wide at apex, 17-24 mm at middle, 15-20 mm at base, equal, tapered at base; sublamellate at apex, fibrillose below, pruinose at base, ground color Pale Horn Color (4B3), becoming reddish brown, with Light Drab (5D3), Dark Drab (5E4) or Hair Brown (5F5) pruina and fibrils, darkening after bruising; orange brown in KOH, yellowish brown in NH4OH. Context fibrous, white with some Light Drab (5D3) areas, bruising blue at apex and Drab (5D4) near base; negative in KOH and NH4OH. Basal mycelium whitish cream, in some areas yellowish brown. FeSO4 negative in all parts. Spore print not obtained.

Basidiospores 8.8-12.8 x 4 µm (n = 20; 11.16 ± 1.28 x 4; Qm = 2.79 ± 0.32), fusiform, smooth, greenish yellow or yellowish brown with darker wall in KOH, dextrinoid in Melzer's. Basidia 22.4-32 x 8-8.8 µm, clavate, 2 or 4-sterigmate. Basidioles 24-27.2 x 8-8.8 µm, clavate. Pleurocystidia 39.2-56 x 8-9.6 µm, fusoid-ampullaceous, lageniform, hyaline or with golden yellow contents in KOH and Melzer's. Cheilocystidia 22.4-43.2 x 4.8-11.2 µm, fusoid, subcylindrical, sublanceolate. Pileipellis a tangled layer of repent or suberect hyphae 2.4-13.6 µm diam., subgelatinous, encrusting pigments yellowish brown, grayish brown or reddish brown in H2O, diffusing with the application of KOH, producing yellowish brown or orange brown to golden orange-yellow color reactions; hyaline or with grayish yellow or grayish yellowish brown contents in KOH; dextrinoid in Melzer's; end cells cylindrical, some with acute apex. Stipitipellis hyphae 3.2-15.2 µm diam, parallel, in some areas subgelatinous, cellular in others because of clusters of caulocystidia, some slightly thick-walled; hyaline or grayish yellow in KOH, yellow in Melzer's. Caulocystidia 16-47.2 x 4-18.4 µm, versiform, mostly obpyriform, clavate-mucronate, fusoid ventricose or cylindrical, slightly to moderately thick-walled, concolorous with hyphae.
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