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Description type:Original description 
Description:Thallus crustose, thin, sometimes evanescent, covered by a thin epinecral layer. Prothallus not visible. Photobiont trentepohlioid.
Apothecia sessile, subglobose or barrel-shaped, perithecioid, hemiangiocarpus, closed at first, later opening by a terminal, pore, 0.3-1.0 mm diam., more or less denticulate at margin; discs dark brown to blackish, deeply urceolate ; true exciple cupulate, dark brown to black-brown, with an internal hyaline, amyloid layer in the upper part bearing lateral paraphyses; hypothecium hyaline, hymenium 150-350 µm tall, hyaline, non-amyloid. Paraphyses simple, straight, conglutinated, not thickened apically. Asci cylindrical, non-amyloid, Ostropales- type, 1-4-spored. Ascospores ellipsoid, hyaline, eumuriform, I – to I + reddish, thin-walled, indistinctly halonate to non-halonate, 75-180 x 20-40 µm.
Pycnidia unknown.
Chemistry. Depsidones (stictic acid chemosyndrome or protocetraric acid).
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