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Remarks (internal):This is possibly a cosmopolitan species and may be collected several times in South America. It should be noted, however, that we have examined only a few from Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina. The collection cited below has been compared with European material and corresponds in all essential characteristics. Important features are the thick-walled basal hyphae and spores that are somewhat cylindrical and with a sigmoid appearance. So far, the species is not typified.  
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Description:Byssomerulius corium (Pers.:Fr.) Parmasto, Eesti NSV Tead. Akad. Toim. Biol. 16:383, 1967.
- Merulius corium Pers.:Fr., Elench. fung. 1:58, 1828.
Basidiome resupinate, fairly thin, 0.5-1(-2) mm, often with a whitish and revolute margin. Hymenophore meruloid to almost semiporoid, commonly with a more or less orange colour, but some specimens may be pure white or even greenish. Hyphal system monomitic; subiculum distinct, composed of thick-walled hyphae, 2.5-3.5 µm wide, forming a fairly loose texture, other hyphae as a rule strongly encrusted. All hyphae without clamp connections. Basidia clavate, 33-35 x 5-6 µm, with 4 sterigmata, without a basal clamp connection. Cystidia absent. Spores subcylindrical to cylindrical, smooth, thin-walled, often with a slight sigmoid appearance 5-6 x 2.5-3 µm.
Specimen examined: Costa Rica, Santa Marta de Dota, San José, on hardwood, 16.III.1988, J. Carranza 43-88 (duplicate in Hjortstam Priv. Herb.).
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