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Remarks (internal):Occurs typically on Alnus glutinosa, but call be found on most of the other tree hosts. Differs from var. igniarius in the less rounded margin and more applanate and more projecting fruit body; differs from var. trivialis in its broader zones and absence of tendency to effused growth; differs front var. cinereus in the colour of the crust, greater dimensions, and in not turning densely rimose when old.
This is the most collective of the varieties distinguished here, including all the Fennoscandian material not placed in the other varieties. It is common throughout the region, becoming somewhat more frequent towards the south.
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Description:P. igniarius var. alni (Bond.) Niemelä n. stat.
Fomes igniarius (L. ex Fr.) Fr. f. alni Bondarcev Trudy po Lesuomu Opytnomu Delu v Rossii 37: 20; Fig. 1, Table 2. 1912. Type not designated, no representative material found in LE.-Phellinus igniarius (L. ex Fr.) Quél. f. alni (Bond.) Bondarcev, Trutovye griby evropejskoj casti SSSR i Kavkaza p. 354. 1953.
Margin less rounded than in var. igniarius, or rather sharp in older fruit bodies. Pileus thickly applanate to more or less bracket-shaped. Crust dark brown to matt black, with few fissures. Skeletal hyphae seldom over 4 µm in diameter.
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