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Page number:58 
Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Hydnophlebia Parmasto, Eesti NSV Tead. Akad. Toim. biol. 16:384, 1967.
Generic type: Hydnum chrysorhizon Torr. Eaton Manual Bot. 309, 1822.
Lectotype: USA, Steward 237 in Herb. Torrey, (NY). Selected by Burdsall, 1985:58.
It should be noted that the epithet chrysorhizon is a noun and indeclinable.
The generic name is here re-introduced and a brief description mainly taken from the original Latin diagnosis is supplied:
Basidiome resupinate, separable from the substrate, generally reddish orange. Hymenophore distinctly hydnoid, aculei up to 1-1.5 mm long, more or less cylindrical. Margin cordonic. Hyphal system monomitic; subicular hyphae, thick-walled, hyaline or slightly yellowish, encrusted, other hyphae subhyaline to hyaline, thin-walled to moderately thick-walled. In the original Latin diagnonis cystidia were said to absent (sine cystidiis), but they are tubular, though usually few, hyaline, thin-walled or with slight wall thickening. Spores ellipsoid, smooth, thin-walled, generally up to 4-5 µm long.
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