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 Add this item to the list  Antrodia heteromorpha (Fr.) Donk (Fig. 1)
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Remarks (internal):A. heteromorpha is easily identified by its light colour, adpressed and numerous fruit bodies which are corky hard both when fresh and dry, and especially by its large, irregular pores. It was collected on open, well-illuminated sites, especially in lichen woodlands. The species tolerates dry periods and great variations in the substrate temperature. Most fruit bodies were found on tallstumps of spruce, cut by local people during winter for camp fires. They emerged characteristically abundant on all sides of the stumps. 
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Description:Antrodia heteromorpha (Fr.) Donk (Fig. 1)
Trametes heteromorpha (Fr.) Bres.
Perennial; fruit bodies imbricate, nodulous or effused-reflexed, white, greyish or light ochraceous, seldom over 2 cm wide, projecting 0.5-1 cm. Pores round, sinuous or split, large, 1-2 per mm or larger. Distinctly dimitic, generative hyphae with clamp connections, skeletal hyphae subsolid, refractive; spores ellipsoid-fusiform, arcuate to-wards apiculus, (9.4-)10-12(-14) x (4-)5-5.8 µm, IKI-, CB-.
Causes brown-rot on Picea glauca and evidently also on P. mariana, though the latter remains unconfirmed; saprophytic on corticated stumps, seldom on fallen trees. Not rare.

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