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 Add this item to the list  Cerrena unicolor (Bull.: Fr.) Murr.
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Remarks (internal):A white-rot fungus on deciduous and coniferous wood. Not recorded from the Poste-de-la-Baleine area.
Generally considered to be a decomposer of birch wood, it is notable that two of the three specimens referred here were growing on spruce. Similar notes have been made in northern Finland. C. unicolor is recognized in the field by its hirsute cover, sinuous or dentate pores and by the thin black line which divides the context into two different layers. It is not clear whether the hyphal system is truly trimitic (e.g. Trametes) or dimitic with the skeletals becoming branched at their distal ends.
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Description:Cerrena unicolor (Bull.: Fr.) Murr.
Daedalea unicolor Bull.: Fr.
Short-lived perennial; caps imbricate, cream, greyish or greenish (algae), hirsute. Pores at first roundish (1-3 per mm), later sinuous or splitting into irpicoid teeth. Context in section duplex with upper tomentum and corky lower layer, separated by a thin black line. Evidently trimitic; tomentum made up of sclerified generative hyphae; black line consisting of densely packed generative and skeletal hyphae; lower context appearing trimitic with generative, skeletal and binding hyphae in loose, interwoven texture; tube trama dimitic with interwoven generative and skeletal hyphae. Spores 4.5-6 x 3-4 µm, IKI-, CB-.

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