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 Add this item to the list  Skeletocutis alutacea (Lowe) Jean Keller
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Remarks (internal):Characters of this species are the white, rhizomorphic basidiocarps, dimitic structure of both subiculum and trama, and the tightly interwoven arrangement of tramal hyphae. Skeletocutis perennis has similar spores and equally interwoven tramal hyphae, but it is perennial, finally thick, and lacks rhizomorphs. 
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Description:Skeletocutis alutacea (Lowe) Jean Keller
Persoonia 10: 353, 1979. Poria alutacea Lowe. Mycologia 38: 202, 1946. Studied specimens: China. Jiangxi: Wuyishan, 1994 Hattori (TFMF). Czech Republic. Moravia: Sanov, Fagus sylvatica, 1981 Pouzar (PRM 870756). Germany. Bayern: Regensburg, Carpinus betulus, 1990 Parmasto 150767 (TAA).
Resupinate, white, margin byssoid, rhizomorphic, pores 9-10 per mm. Hyphae tightly interwoven in both subiculum and trama, subiculum often divided into upper and lower halves by brownish layer of very tightly packed hyphae. Generative hyphae thin-walled, clamped, en-crusted in upper subiculum and (sometimes) at dissepiment edges; skeletals regular, flexuose, unchanged in KOH. Basidia 10.5-13 x 4-5 µm (n = 10/2), basidioles 7.5-12(-16) x 3.8-4.8 µm (n = 10/2), cystidioles narrow-tipped, 9-13.5 x 3.6-5 µm (n = 10/2). Spores 2.9-3.8(-4) x (1.4-) 1.6-1.9(-2) µm, L = 3.29 µm, W = 1.73 µm, Q = 1.70-2.02 (n = 90/3).

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