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Description type:Non-original description 
Bull. Bot. Gard. Buitenzorg. Ser. 3 Vol. 17:474, 1948.
Basidiocarps perennial to annual, stipitate to pileate, pileus velutinate to glabrous, yellow, brown, bay or black, dull or shiny, often sulcate, with or without a cuticle or cuticle, stipe if present, round to flattened, dull to shiny and usually with a cuticle, pore surface whitish when actively growing, by age ochraceous to dark brown, pores in general small, more rarely of medium size, tubes stratified, context dark brown to wood-coloured, duplex or with several bands or zones. Hyphal system di- to trimitic, generative hyphae with clamps, often difficult to find, the cuticle in many species constitutes of short-celled and thick-walled coloured generative hyphae where, however, the clamps are usually difficult to observe, skeletal hyphae present in all species, either unbranched or arboriform with a long unbranched lower segment and a branched upper part, binding hyphae proper apparently not present, but similar, branched, thin hyphae often fill old pores, cystidia absent, basidia with 4 sterigmata, usually barrel-shaped, basidiospores almost invariably (one single exception) double-walled, the inner one verruculose to ornamented, thickened and usually coloured, on which there is a thin hyaline outer wall. On the ground or on dead wood with a strong white rot. Cosmopolitan family with a small number of genera.
Type genus: Ganoderma P. Karsten.
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