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Description type:Original description 
Description:Conidiomata pycnidia, occurring singly but sometimes juxtaposed, black, subglobose, immersed to partly erumpent, ostiolate, with a distinctly thickened ostiolar collar; superficial mycelium absent. Pycnidial wall of polyhedral angular pseudoparenchymatous cells, individual cells reddish brown to brown. Conidiophores absent. Conidiogenous cells lining the inside of the pycnidial cavity, hyaline, broadly short-ampulliform, apex with a periclinally thickened collar, not proliferating and lacking annellations. Conidia enteroblastic, arising singly, not forming chains, broadly ellipsoid, non-septate, colourless at first but becoming pale brown inside the pycnidial cavity, smooth-walled, rounded at both ends and lacking any basal scar or frill.  
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