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Description type:Original description 
Description:Basidiomata very small; pileus 5 - 8 mm in diameter, convex with entire, decurved margin, not hygrophanous, not translucently striate, deep orange to brown (6A6 /7C7/ 7D7), densely hairy. Lamellae sinuate, subcrowded, up to 1 mm wide, with lamellulae of three lengths; 'sunburn' (6D5), with concolorous, in part fimbriate edges. Stipe 12.5 - 27.5 — 1.5 - 2 mm, central, terete, tapering apically, solid; surface brownish orange (7C7), densely hairy; context up to 0.5 mm thick, dark brown.
Spores 12.5 -17 — 7-10 µm, Q = 1.2 -1.7, heterodiametrical, 7- 9-angled in side view with 7- 9 concave or flat facets. Basidia 29 - 40 — 14.5 - 20 µm, clavate, 4-spored with up to 5 ?m long sterigmata. Lamella-edge fertile; cheilocystidia and pleurocystidia absent.
Hymenophoral trama subregular; hyphae 2 -12 µm wide, thin-walled with yellowish parietal pigment, with some incrustations. Pileipellis a trichoderm of erect or ascending bundles of 8 -16 µm wide, thick-walled (- 3 µm) hyphae with internally uneven (wavy) walls; terminal elements tapering or obtuse; with a strong yellowish brown parietal pigment and slightly uneven walls, but not truly incrusted. Pileitrama parallel-interwoven; hyphae 2.5 - 22 µm wide, thin-walled, yellow-incrusted. Stipitipellis a loose trichoderm of entangled hair-like hyphae, 2 -12 µm wide with up to 2 µm thick yellowish or yellowish brown, not distinctly incrusted walls; with tapering or obtuse terminal elements.
Clamp-connections absent in whole basidiocarp.
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