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Remarks (internal):Well distinguished from other Nordic species of the genus. In some respects-in the orbicular way of growing on bark and having homogeneous spore contents without oildrops-it resembles H. radula, but the hymenium is never raduloid. 
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Description:Hyphoderma mutatum (Peck) Donk, Fig. 219, 220 Fungus 27 p. 15, 1957.-Corticium mutatum Peck, Rep. New York St. Mus. 43 (St. Bot.) p. 69, 1890.
Fruitbody resupinate, adnate, orbicular to confluent, smooth, membranaceous, 0,1-0,3 mm thick, white to cream-coloured, hymenium with age darker, in exsiccates often greyish ochraceous, in old specimens hymenium more or less rimose with the white cottony subiculum appearing in the cracks.
Hyphal texture monomitic; hyphae 3-4 µm wide, with clamps at all septa, closely united in the subhymenial part, loosely interwoven in the subiculum, next to the substrate mostly horizontal and parallel. Cystidia of two kinds 1) numerous thin-walled, enclosed gloeocystidia, almost cylindrical, apically rounded, more or less constricted, in mature specimens 60-120 x 7-10 µm, and 2) mostly few, thick-walled cystidia (metuloids), the encrusted conical part 30-40 x 8-12 µm. In some specimens there are rounded, bladderlike cystidia, which probably represent the first stage in the develo µment of the gloeocystidia. Basidia clavate, 30-45 x 7-10 µm, with 4 sterigmata and basal clamp. Spores allantoid, straight or slightly curved, smooth, thin-walled, nonamyloid, 12-16 x 3-4 µm, with homogeneous plasmatic contents without oildrops.
Habitat. On deciduous wood, mostly on bark, in fertile, herb-rich biotopes.
Distribution. Locally rather frequent, but mostly rare. In Sweden collected from Uppland, where it is found several times, and southwards, mainly in the Eastern provinces. Besides that, it is collected once in N. Sweden (À…ngermanland, Nordmaling, À…. Strid 11813). Christiansen re-ports it from Denmark. It is found in S. Finland and in SE Norway.
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