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Page number:138 
Description type:Latin diagnosis 
Description:Torula brunnea Y. L. Jiang & T. Y. Zhang, sp. nov. figure 3
MycoBank MB 511516
Coloniae in PDA effusae, velutinae, griseae vel atrae. Mycelium superficiale vel immersum, ex hyphis ramosis, septatis, hyalinis, laevibus, 1-3 µm crassis reticulatis compositum. Conidiophora 2-4 µm crassis, subhyalina vel pallide brunnea, laevia, echinulata vel verrucosa, cellulae conidiogenae 4-8 µm diametro, sphaerica vel subsphaerica. Conidia recta vel leviter curvata, cylindrica, in extremitatibus rotundata, medio-brunnea vel atrobrunnea, echinulata vel verrucosae, 1-4-septata, pro maxima parte 2-3 septata, constricta ad septa, 9-21 x 5-7.5 µm.
Holotype: From a mountain soil of Luding, Sichuan Province, China. Jun. 24. 2006, Y.L. Jiang, HSAUP069074.
Etymology: in reference to the brown conidia
Taxon name: