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Remarks (internal):This species is similar to Torula herbarum f. quaternella Sacc. in conidial morphology. However, the conidia of the latter have fewer (1-3, commonly 2) septa and are shorter (10-17 µm) (Ellis 1971) than those of the new taxon. In addition, the conidia of T. herbarum f. quaternella are almost smooth, but those of T. brunnea are echinulate or verrucose. 
Description type:Original description 
Description:Torula brunnea Y. L. Jiang & T. Y. Zhang, sp. nov. figure 3
MycoBank MB 511516
Colonies on PDA effuse, velvety, grey to black. Mycelium superficial or immersed, hyphae branched, septate, hyaline, smooth, 1-3 µm wide. Conidiophores 2-4 µm thick, except for the spherical or subspherical conidiogenous cells which are 4-8 µm diam, subhyaline to pale brown, smooth, echinulate or verrucose. Conidia straight or slightly curved, cylindrical, rounded at the ends, medium brown to dark brown, echinulate or verrucose, 1-4- (commonly 2-3) septate, constricted at the septa, 9-21 x 5-7.5 µm.
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