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Remarks (internal):This species was placed in section Athele by Bourdot & Galzin (1928), and was considered to be one of the more typical members of that section by Jackson (1950b).
Notations made by Lloyd on the jackets of both the BPI and PC specimens indicate that they are portions of the same collection. Addi-tional notations made by Bourdot indicate that he saw the entire collection.
Bourdot & Galzin described and illustrated the spores of C. Lloydii as "oblong-subcylindric, occasionally attenuated at the base, 5-6 x 2.5-3 µm, hyaline, with two deep green polar granules." The structures described as spores, without the aid of an oil immersion lens, are in reality unicellular algae. Although basidiospores are sparse in the type material, a sufficient number was seen to allow their redescription. Therefore, the fungus material of the Lloyd collection, which has been redescribed in the formal description, is designated the type of Xenasma Lloydii.
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Description:Xenasma lloydii Liberta, nom. nov. Fig. 16
Corticium lloydii Bourd. & Galz., Hym. Fr. p. 210. fig. 65. 1928 (! !) (not C. Lloydii Bres., 1926).
Fructification effused, thin, in section 20-30 µm thick, Light Brownish Olive, vernicose-crustose, under a lens appearing pruinose, closely ad-nate; hyphae parallel to the substratum, nodose-septate, 1.5-3.5 µm in diam, conglutinate or the walls becoming gelatinized; basidia surrounded by minute olivaceous granules which give the fructification its color, cylindrical to subclavate, borne directly on the horizontal hyphae, the base bifurcate, very often obscure, 9-12 x 4.5-6 µm, bearing four short sterigmata 2.5-3 µm long; basidiospores hyaline, the wall smooth, non-amyloid, oblong-ellipsoid and laterally depressed to suballantoid, 5.5-7 x 2.5-3 µm.
On Pinus sp. and Pinus banksiana. Known from Sweden and Ontario.
Specimens examined: Sweden: Bygget, 1909, C. G. Lloyd 09131 (BPI 5211; Bourd. 13776; PC), Type.
Ontario: H. S. Jackson (TRTC 14621).

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