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Description type:Original description 
Description:Thallus: episubstratic, irregular in outline, to 2 cm in diam., small to medium-sized, persistent, rimose-areolate; margin simple, indistinct; surface dirty white to whitish grey, exposed parts gets a blackish tinge, rough and scabrous, matt; hypothallus poorly developed, visible at thallus margin only, black or white.
Apothecia: sparse, to 1.2 mm in diam., semi-immersed to sessile, slightly constricted; disc initially slightly concave, becoming plane to convex, ferruginous brown or ferruginous red, when shaded dark orange, occasionally with a dark brown almost blackish tinge, biatorine, but with algae at the very base; margin distinct to prominent, persistent or occasionally becoming excluded, occasionally flexuose, darker than remaining thallus surface, ferruginous brown or ferruginous red, orange when shaded, concolourous with or darker than disc, smooth, excipulum brownish. Subhymenium hyaline. Hymenium 60-90 µm high, hyaline; paraphyses with ramifications, terminal cells simple, to 3 µm wide, hyaline; epihymenium distinct. Asci: clavate, to 70 x 20 µm. Ascospores: 6-8 per ascus, ellipsoid to broadly ellipsoid, (12-)14-16 x 6-8 µm; spore septum 4-5 µm.
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