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Description type:Original description 
Description:Homothallic with abundant amphigynous oospores 5 to 45 µm in diameter.
Ovoid, obpyriform, nonpapillate, noncaducous, nonpigmented sporangia 20 to 60 µm long x 10 to 35 µm wide were abundant, uniform and long lasting.
Sporangia terminally borne on simple- or sparingly branched sporangiophores and/or internal proliferation after release of zoospores. No chlamydospore production detected. Colony morphology on V8 agar stellate to rosaceous, white mycelia appressed to medium with aerial hyphae, coenocytic and hyaline hyphae 1.25 to 15 µm in diameter, optimum temperature 25°C, average colony diameter 27 to 43 mm after 3 days and 45 to 80 mm after 7 days of growth.
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