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Description type:Original description 
Description:Fruit bodies up to 6 x 2.5 cm, branched, obypramidal in profile. Stipe single, up to 23 x 6 mm, tapering downward, rounded at base, with a few aborted branchlets, off-white. Major branches 2 - several, arising at about the same level, up to 4 mm thick, terete, ascending to erect, pallid greyish yellow ("colonial buff"); axils narrowly rounded, internodes diminishing gradually. Apices cuspidate to dichotomous, short, stout, pallid lavender when young ("avellaneous") muting and fading in age ("vinaceous buff", "cream buff"). All parts appearing subtranslucent or water-soaked; flesh of all parts watery except at stipe, more or less soapy or slippery when rubbed; flesh concolourous to surface, somewhat darker at branch tips. Dirt specks clearly watery vinescent. Odour and taste negligible.
Under Agathis.
Macrochemical reactions: FCL =deep forest-green; PHN = ambiguous; ANW, KOH, NOH, PYR, ANO, GUA = negative.
Tramal hyphae of branches up to 20 girt diam., inflated, of barrel-shaped cells, adherent when dry, hyaline, clampless, strictly parallel, tightly packed. Hymenium thickening significantly and irregularly; basidia 40-45 x 5-7 µm, clavate, clampless, hyaline singly, golden in mass; contents more or less homogeneous; sterigmata 4, spindly, erect.
Spores (Fig. 102) (8.3) 9.4-11.2 x 4.3-5.0 µm (E =1.772.42; Em = 2.15; Lm = 10.02 µm), ellipsoid to subcylindrical, conspicuously roughened in profile; contents sludgy to uni- to several-guttulate, deep golden refringent; wall less than 0.2 µm thick; hilar appendix from oblique to almost perpendicular to spore axis, papillate; ornamentation of significantly raised warts and meandering ridges covering significant amounts of wall surface.
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