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 Add this item to the list  TUBER P. Mich. ex A. Wigg.
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Remarks (internal):In Pachyphloeus Tul. the asci are clavate.  
Description type:Non-original description 
Description:TUBER P. Mich. ex A. Wigg.
Ascoma hypogeous, enclosed, globose to lobed or irregular in shape, fleshy or cartilaginous, exterior smooth or roughened, usually light to dark brown, but sometimes whitish, red or black. Interior of ascoma composed of a peripheral cortex (medullary excipulum) with an exterior layer (ectal excipulum) and a central gleba. Cortex often pseudoparenchymatous, sometimes prosenchymatous. Gleba consisting of convoluted, parallel, light and dark veins, the sterile venae externae and the fertile venae internae; tissue of veins interwoven, parallel or sometimes pseudo-parenchymatous. Asci unitunicate, irregularly arranged between the veins, pyriform, ellipsoid or subglobose, short- or long-stalked, containing 1-8 ascospores. Ascospores 1-celled, yellow-brown to brown, variable in size, ellipsoid to globose, surface alveolate or spiny. (Fig. 5A-C).
Anamorph: None reported.
Habitat: In soil, often under trees; some species are known to form mycorrhizae.
Representative species: Tuber melanosporum Vittadini, the Perigord truffle.
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