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 Add this item to the list  DIDYMOSPHAERIA Fuckel
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Remarks (internal):In Otthia Nitschke ex Fuckel the ascoma is erumpent through host tissues, usually on a hypostroma. 
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Description:DIDYMOSPHAERIA Fuckel
Ascoma a uniloculate, perithecioid pseudothecium, scattered or aggregated in groups, immersed and subepidermal, sometimes with slight clypeus development around ostiole. Pseudothecia dark brown, subglobose, with an ostiolar papilla. Ascomal wall composed of small angular cells that are darker around the ostiole. Centrum with branched, filiform, pseudoparaphyses. Asci bitunicate, cylindrical to cylindric-clavate, subclavate or broadly obovoid, short-stalked or subsessile, 1-8-spored. Ascospores 2-celled, septum median, constricted or not, oblique in ascus, smooth or minutely verruculose, olivaceous brown to dark brown.
Anamorphs: Ascochyta, Dendrophoma, and Periconia.
Habitat: On stems and leaves of herbaceous plants and on seeds.
Representative species: Didymosphaeria arachidicola (Chochrjakov) Alcorn, Punith. & McCarthy (Anam. Ascochyta adzmethica Schoschiaschvili), cause of web blotch disease of peanut (Arachis spp.).
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