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Remarks (internal):Collections of this fungus have been found in brown rotted wood of old Douglas-fir stumps, logs, and debris in second-growth stands of this species in western Oregon from October to March. One collection came from mineral soil free of any large pieces of decayed wood in an old-growth Douglas-fir stand; sporocarps were nestled in cavities in soil, along roots. The fungus forms white, pinnate mycorrhizae with roots of Douglas-fir and western hemlock (Zak 1969).
On Melin-Norkrans medium with added agar as modified by Marx (1969), and on potato dextrose agar medium, the raised, cottony mat is first bright white. At age 5 weeks, the center is purple, grading outward to deep blue, blue-green (colors are same as sporocarp stains), and finally, to a narrow to moderately broad white margin. The nature of mycorrhizae and cultural characteristics are further described by Zak (1969).
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Description:Byssoporia terrestris var. sartoryi (Bourd. et L. Maire) Larsen et Zak, comb. et stat. nov.
Poria sartoryi Bourd. et L. Maire, Assoc. Fr. Av. Sci. p. 619. 1921 (not seen but cited as such in Bull. Soc. Mycol. Fr. 41: 216. 1925.)
Poria terrestris subsp. sartoryi (Bourd. et Maire) Bourd. et Galz„ Hym. Fr. p. 655. 1928.
Byssocorticium sartoryi (Bourd. et L. Maire) Bond. et Sing., Ann. Mycol. 39: 48. 1941.
Hectotype: Bois du Donon (Vosges), sur bois très pourris, sapin, L. Maire 1628 (Bourdot Lerb. 31395) III. 1921 (PC).
Basidiocarps with pore surfaces white but with parts blue-green, blue, or purple, with the underside of the subiculum similarly stained; rhizomorphs white but with parts pale to dark blue. sometimes totally purple; core or central hyphae of rhizomorphs 2.4-5.5 µm diameter, septate, some clamp connections present, surface of rhizomorphs comprised of characteristic thick-walled curly hyphae with narrow lumina; mycorrhizae pinnately compound with clusters up to 3.0 cm across, white to dull white with parts blue-green, green, or purple.
Fluorescence (3660 À… of fresh sporophore: pore surface and underside white; pore surface of dried sporophore: dull white to dull pink-lavender, underside dull pink to pink-lavender.

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