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 Add this item to the list  Hyphodermopsis Jülich, gen.nov.
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Remarks (internal):The genus is characterized by slightly thick-walled spores, septocystidia and rather wide, thick-walled basal hyphae. The type species was formerly included either in Hyphoderma or Hypochnicium, but is probably closer related to the Botryobasidium - Candelabrochaete complex. 
Description type:Original description 
Description:Hyphodermopsis Jülich, gen.nov.
Basidiocarp resupinate, effused, several cm large, c. 100-150 um thick, adnate, membranaceous, context homogeneous, margin thinning out, rhizomorphs absent. Hymenial surface even. Hyphal system monomitic. Hyphae hyaline, distinct, cylindrical, thin-to somewhat thick-walled, with clamps at all septa. Septocystidia present, hyaline, cylindrical, c. 100-200-(400) µm long, somewhat thick-walled, incrusted. Basidia hyaline, suburniform, with a basal clamp, 4-spored. Spores hyaline, ellipsoid, smooth, slightly thick-walled, inamyloid, cyanophilous.

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