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Description:Cladosporium Link: Fr.
Mycelium immersed and also superficial. Stroma sometimes present. Conidiophores mostly simple, rarely branched, straight or flexuous, smooth or verruculose, pale brown to brown. Conidiogenous cells usually integrated, terminal and intercalary, sometimes discrete, polyblastic, sympodial more or less cylindrical, cicatrized. Conidial scars usually prominent. Conidia catenate, sometimes solitary, often in branched chains, acropleurogenous, simple, cylindrical, doliiform, ellipsoidal, fusiform, ovoid, spherical or subspherical, often with a distinctly protuberant scar at each end or at the base, pale brown to brown, smooth, verruculose or echinulate, 0-3 or rarely more septate (Ellis, 1971).
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