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Description type:Original description 
Description:Perithecia nonstromatic, immersed between bark and cortex in circular groups or solitary, venter globose to subglobose, necks elongating, converging, piercing the cortex in a common point. Ostiolum periphysate. Perithecial wall leathery, two- or three-layered. Paraphyses septate, tapering towards the tip, longer than the asci. Asci unitunicate, cylindrical-clavate, with shallow, refractive apical ring and visible invagination, when young long-stipitate with bulbose base, at maturity short-stipitate, tapering towards the base, floating freely. Ascospores allantoid, U- to horseshoe-shaped or ¾ circular, aseptate or septate, hyaline. Anamorphs ramichloridium-like and sporothrix-like. 
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