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Description type:Original description 
Description:T. lactescens Berk. (milky Thelephora); effused even, following the inequalities of the matrix, circumference slightly byssoid pale salmon colour, when broken distilling a white milky juice.
On the hark of pine stumps. Clifton, Notts., Rev. M. J. Berkeley.
Thin, spreading for a considerable distance over the bark and following all its inequalities, with a scarcely byssoid border, inner substance variegated with bands of different shades running parallel with the surface. When broken it gives out a milky juice which in taste and smell resembles exactly that of Agaricus quietus. Specimens which had been placed in a tin box, when taken out after some months had a broad byssoid margin, very different from their original state. A most singular and distinct species, and undoubtedly a true Thelephora.
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