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Remarks (internal):This species is easy to recognize because of the two types of setae and the ellipsoid hyaline basidiospores. 
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Description:Phellinus contiguus (Fr.) Pat.,
Ess. tax. p. 97, 1900. - Polyporus contiguus Fr., Syst. mycol. 1:378, 1821.
Basidiocarp perennial, resupinate, adnate, mostly elongated and effused, up to 20 cm long, 5 cm wide and up to 1 cm thick, smooth and even or nodulose and undulated on oblique substrata with smooth sterile areas in between fertile poroid areas, spongy when fresh, hard when dry; pore surface reddish to umber brown, often with a greyish pruina, margin mostly narrow, rusty brown and finely floccose, disappearing with age, pores angular, on average 2-3 per mm, often somewhat sinuous and irregular, especially on oblique substrata and then often split in front, up to 1 mm wide, along the margin often deeply split into a labyrinthine to irpicoid configuration, tubes indistinctly stratified, up to 10 mm deep, mostly with a greyish brown pruina; context very thin, rusty brown, up to 1 mm thick.
Hyphal system dimitic; generative hyphae thin-walled and hyaline, 2-3.5 ?m, slightly thick-walled and pale yellowish in the subiculum and the floccose margin, skeletal hyphae yellowish to rusty brown, straight, thick-walled and 3-5 ?m wide with a distinct lumen.
Setae of two kinds:
a) tramal setae acute, tapering from the base, thick-walled and straight, dark brown to light yellowish in the top, scattered and not always easy to find, occurring in the floccose margin and in the trama, 40-120 x 5-12 ?m,
b) hymenial setae very abundant, subulate, thick-walled, dark brown and with a bent base, either terminal or more rarely lateral from generative hyphae, often with a bulbous base, projecting 15-25 ?m above the hymenium, (35-)40-60(-65) x 6-10 ?m.
Cystidiols abundant, mostly as hyphal ends, partly embedded in the hymenium, partly projecting above it, but also as ventric­ose organs with a tube like upper part projecting above the hymenium, hyaline and thin-walled.
Basidia clavate, 4-sterigmate, 10-14 x 5-7 ?m.
Basidiospores oblong ellipsoid, hyaline, thin-walled, smooth, with a large oil drop, IKI-, 5-7 x 3-3.5 ?m.
Substrata. On dead wood of numerous genera.
Distribution. P. contiguus is widespread through­out the tropical zone and into the warmer parts of the temperate zones as well.
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