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Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Helminthosporium Link ex Fries; Link, 1809, Magazin Ges. naturf. Freunde Berl., 3: 10; Fries, 1821, Syst. mycol., 1: XLVI.
Colonies effuse, dark, hairy. Mycelium immersed. Stroma usually present, dark, often large. Setae and hyphopodia absent. Conidiophores macronematous, mononematous, unbranched, often caespitose, straight or flexuous, cylindrical or subulate, mid to very dark brown, smooth or occasionally verruculose, with small pores at the apex and laterally beneath the septa. Conidiogenous cells polytretic, integrated, terminal and intercalary, determinate, cylindrical. Conidia solitary, catenate in one species, acropleurogenous, developing laterally often in verticils through very small pores beneath the septa whilst the tip of the conidiophore is actively growing, growth of the conidiophore ceasing with the formation of terminal conidia, simple, usually obclavate, sometimes rostrate, subhyaline to brown, smooth, pseudoseptate, frequently with a prominent, dark brown or black scar at the base.
Type species: Helminthosporium velutinum Link ex Ficinus & Schubert.
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