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Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Custingophora Stolk, Hennebert & Klopotek, 1968, apud Stolk & Hennebert in Persoonia, 5 (2): 195-199.
Colonies effuse, olivaceous brown to dark greyish olive. Mycelium partly superficial, partly immersed. Stroma none. Setae and hyphopodia absent. Conidiophores macronematous, mononematous, straight or flexuous; stipe unbranched or occasionally branched, proliferating then subapically, brown, smooth, markedly swollen at the apex over the surface of which are borne numerous phialides. Conidiogenous cells monophialidic, discrete, determinate, ampulliform or lageniform with distinct collarettes. Conidia aggregated in slimy heads, semi-endogenous, simple, oblong rounded at the ends or ovoid, hyaline or subhyaline, smooth, 0-septate.
Type species: Custingophora olivacea Stolk, Hennebert & Klopotek.
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