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 Add this item to the list  Vanderbylia Reid gen. nov.
Description type:Latin diagnosis 
Description:Vanderbylia Reid, gen. nov.
Sporophora sessilia, crassa, ungulata, dimidiata, effuso-reflexa raro basin versus indistincte substipitata. Contextus albus, vel lignicoloratus, in sicco durus vel ligneus, trimiticus; ex hyphis valde dextrinoideis compositus. Cystidia raro praesentia. Sporae globosae, ovatae vel guttiformes, muris crassis et valde dextrinoideis. Chlamydosporae plerumque praesentes.
TYPUS: Vanderbylia vicina (Van der Byl) Reid, comb. nov.
The type material of F. mesoleucus in K (Fig. 24 a-b) is very similar in all respects to the Natal collections, but the chlamydospores, which become almost black in Melzer's solution, appear to be more mature. They are alike in size and shape but appear to be slightly ornamented in a manner somewhat suggestive of Ganoderma spores.
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