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Description type:Original description 
Description:Heterothallic fungus. Cleistothecia superficial, surrounded by cottony mycelium, globose, 150-480 (600) µm in diameter, scattered or grouped in small clusters, at first white to yellowish white (4A2) then turning light yellow (4A4) to greyish yellow (4B5). Peridium composed of several layers of tightly interwoven, occasionally flattened hyphae; membranous with age. Asci irregularly sub-globose, 8-spored, evanescent at maturity. Ascospores yellowish white (1A2) to greenish white (28A2), one-celled, broadly lenticular, rarely spherical, with two equatorial crests – 0.3-1.0 µm wide, spore body 4-5 µm; convex surface with prominent ridges forming a reticulate ornamentation, degree of reticulation varies, ridges spreading to the equatorial crest; area between crests generally smooth, occasionally with a midline of small projections. 
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