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Remarks (internal):It was not possible to loeate any original collection of this species. Therefore, the original drawing pubhshed by Burrill is proposed to serve as lectotype. 
Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Microsphaera elevata Burr., Bull. Ill. Stat. Lab. Nat. Hist. 1, p. 58 (1876)
Syn.: M. vaccinii auct. p. p. M. alni var. vaccinii auct. p. p.
IIl.: Burrill (l.c., pl. 2, fig. 4, 5); Braun (1984c, p. 238, pl. 6, fig. 33).
Lit.: Saccardo (1891, p. 369); Golovin (1956b, p. 359).
Exs.: Rabenh., F. eur. 3539. Vestergr., Micromyc. rar. sel. 668.
Mycelium amphigenous, mostly epiphyllous, white, patches or thin covers, persistent, subpersistent or rarely evanescent. Cleistothecia scattered to subgregarious, 80-125 µm in diam, cells obscure, irregularly polygonal, ca 10-25 µm diam, appendages long and flaccid, ca 5-15 per ascocarp, ± equatorially arising, 1-6 times as long as the cleistothecial diam, 5-9(-11) µm wide, aseptate or a single septum near the base, thin-walled, somewhat thicker towards the base, hyaline or brown at the base, smooth or faintly rough, apex closely dichotomously branched, 2-4 times, branchings compact, rather regular, tips knob-like or occasionally slightly recurved, a varying percentage of the appendages always simple, not branched, asci 4-8, shortly stalked or sessile, 40-60 x 30-40 µm, 3-6, mostly 4-5 ascospores, ellipsoid-ovoid, 15-32 x 9-13 µm. Pl. 96.
Lectotypus: on Catalpa bignonioides Walt., Burrill (l.c., pl. 2, fig. 4-5).
Hosts and distr.: on Catalpa (bignonioides, bungei, ovata, speciosa, spec.), Bignoniaceae; North America (USA, Mass. to Ala., Tex., Nebr., N. J. ; Canada).
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