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Remarks (internal):Entoloma mougeotii is distinctive because of its delicate violaceous-brown colour and sterile lamella edge with large cheilocystidia. It has a wide distribution all over Europe, but only in very special grassland habitats, for which it is a good indicator species (Vesterholt 2002).
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Description:Entoloma mougeotii (Fr.) Hesler, Beih. Nova Hedwigia 23: 158 (1967) var. mougeotii
Pileus 15-40 mm, convex with involute margin, slightly umbilicate, expanding to applanate, with straight margin, not hygrophanous, not translucently striate, initially dark violaceous-black, then dark grey, violaceous-brown, uniformly coloured, or more often darker at the centre, entirely tomentose to minutely squamulose, somewhat rimose-fissurate when old. Lamellae adnate, or with a decurrent tooth, white then pink, with concolorous, fimbriate margin. Stipe 20-60 x 1-4 mm, cylindrical to slightly compressed, with longitudinally groove, steel-grey, at first longitudinally fibrillose, then smooth shiny, white tomentose at base. Context thin, fragile at stipe, easily splitting lengthwise. Smell indistinct and taste not recorded.
Spores (8.5-)9-11.5(-12) x 6-8 µm, Q = 1.2-1.6, heterodiametrical, with 5-8 pronounced angles. Basidia 27-48 x 10-14 µm, 4-spored. Lamella edge sterile. Cheilocystidia 16-60(-80) x 7-17 µm, cylindrical to slenderly clavate. Pileipellis a trichoderm, made up of inflated cylindrical to clavate, or utriform terminal elements, 6-25 µm wide. Pigment violaceous-brown, intracellular. Clamps absent from all tissues.
Habitat: Along a river's bank, on humus-rich soil under Platanus orientalis and Alnus glutinosa (A446). On grassy soil, in field with Olea europaea and Cupressus sempervirens.
Collections examined: Greece, Isl. Andros, Kiklades (C. Aegean), Achlas River, 11 Oct. 2002, E. Polemis 02-A446. Greece, Isl. Andros, Kiklades (C. Aegean), Ypsilou, 28 Nov. 2002, E. Polemis 02-A618.
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